Lab Members: Yansong Zhang,Wenbo Yu,Shan Rao,Shaopeng Li,Yangfan Fei,YaniMeng,Yue Li,Xiaorong Lu,Shiyu Ma,Shuya Fan,Xiaoye Shi,Bingwei Lyu


·2021/09/01 Yani Meng, Bingwei Lyu, and Yansong Zhang officially joined our lab as graduate students. Read more >>

·2021/08/20 Shiyu Ma has been granted by the Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth Program) for her research on microclimate and soil multi functionalities. Read more >>

·2021/07/30 Shuya Fan was awarded Chinese Government Scholarship to study at the University of Konstanz for one year.

·2020/09/01 We are seeking new postdocs and research assistants to join our lab. Expected start date: Dec 2021. Read more >>