Shao-peng Li (黎绍鹏)
Principal Investigator
Research interest:  Community ecology, biodiversity,
biological invasion, ecological succession
Profiles: CV | Google Scholar | ResearchGate | Orcid | Researcherid

Shuya Fan (范舒雅)
Ph.D. candidate
Email: sy.fanmily(at)
Research interest:  Biological invasion
Shuya is a Ph.D. candidate in Ecology. She hopes to solve some interesting questions on phylogenetic relatedness and species invasion.
Profiles: CV

Wenbo Yu (于文波)
Ph.D. candidate   
Email: wenbo.yu(at)
Research interest:  Community ecology; Biodiversity invasion
Wenbo is a Ph.D. candidate major in Ecology, he wants to solve some basic ecology questions using experimental systems like bacterial microcosms.

Xiaorong Lu (卢晓蓉)
Ph.D. candidate 
Email: xiaorong_lu94(at)
Research interest:  Microbial ecology
Xiaorong is a Ph.D. student in Ecology. She is curious about the relationship between plant and microbial diversity, and aims to explore the response of plants and microbes to nutrition addition.

Ya’ni Meng (孟亚妮)
Ph.D. candidate
Email: mengyani123(at)
Research interest:  Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF); Biological invasion
Yani is a Ph.D. candidate with a keen interest in exploring the BEF relationships under climate changes and biological invasion.
Profiles: CV | Google Scholar | ResearchGate | Orcid

Wen’gang Zhang (张文刚)
Ph.D. student
Email: 18792733016(at)
Research interest:  Biological invasion
Wen’gang is a Ph.D. student who is interested in biological invasion.

Qi Yao (姚奇)
Ph.D. student
Email: Qiyao98(at)
Research interest:  Species coexistence; Biological invasion
Qi is a Ph.D. student who is obsessed with depicting species coexistence dynamics in diverse communities as well as understanding and predicting biological invasion.
Profiles: CV | ResearchGate

Jiamin Liu (刘嘉敏)
Ph.D. student
Email: liujiamin_snnu(at)
Research interest:  Biological invasion
Jiamin is a Ph.D. student in Li’s Lab who is interested in the relationship between community diversity and biological invasions.

Yue Li (李越)
Master student
Email: liyue12318(at)
Research interest:  Biodiversity
Yue is a master student of Li’s Lab who is interested in ecosystem function and meta-analysis.
Profiles: CV

Yangfan Fei (费扬帆)
Master student
Email: yangfan.fei(at)
Research interest: Community ecology & invasion ecology
Yangfan want to understand the invasion mechanism, in order to better protect the plant community.

Bingwei Lyu (吕冰薇)
Master student
Email: bingweilv(at)
Research interest:  Biodiversity & Biological invasion
Bingwei is a master student of Li’s Lab who is interested in biodiversity and long-term succession.

Yansong Zhang (张岩松)
Master student
Email: zys_793(at)
Research interest:  Biodiversity & Biological invasion
Yangsong is a master student of Li’s Lab who is interested in biodiversity and ecological modeling.
Profiles: CV

Guomeng Zhao (赵国蒙)
Master student
Email: guomeng.zhao(at)
Research interest:  Biodiversity & Biological invasion
Guomeng is a master student of Li’s Lab who is interested in biodiversity and biological invasion.

Caiyue Yang (杨偲越)
Master student
Email: ycy20010204(at)
Research interest:  Biodiversity & Community ecology
Caiyue is a master student of Li’s Lab who is interested in biodiversity and community ecology.

Xiang Li (李翔)
Master student
Email: 956568892(at)
Research interest:  Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF); Community ecology
Xiang is a master student of Li’s Lab who wants to study BEF relationships in the perspective of functional traits.

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Shan Rao (饶珊), 2019-2022, Master student, “The patterns and driving mechanisms of community phylogenetic and functional structures over forest succession in Linggu Temple, Nanjing Province”                                                                                                                                                                                                                Current Position: 国家林业和草原局西南调查规划院湿地处

Xiaoye Shi (史晓叶), 2019-2022, Master student, “Patterns and mechanisms of microbial diversity along a precipitation gradient on the Tibetan Plateau”                   Current Position: 上海市浦东新区民办外国语学校      

Shiyu Ma (马诗钰), 2019-2022, Postdoc, “Forest community responses to climate warming in cold regions between 1958 and 2019”                                                     Current Position: Research Scientist of East China Normal University