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2019     NSFC-RGC青年学者论坛, 广西大学. 邀请报告:“50年演替进程中的群落维持机制及其对生态恢复的启示”.PPT

2019     第九届理论生态学年会, 上海崇明生态研究院. 邀请报告:“物种亲缘关系与外来生物入侵:达尔文归化谜团”.PPT

2018     Ecological Society of America annual meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Organized Oral Session: Contrasting island biogeography patterns of soil bacteria and fungi in a fragmented landscape​. Link

2018      华东师范大学2018年国际青年学者论坛生态与环境分论坛. 邀请报告:“生物多样性与生物入侵”. Link

2018     第十七届中国生态学大会, 南京林业大学. 口头报告:“物种亲缘关系与外来生物入侵:达尔文归化谜团”. PPT

2017     Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA. Contributed Talk: Species niche and fitness differences explain the success and impact of biological invasions: Reconciling Darwin’s naturalization conundrum. Link PPT

2016     Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Symposia: Community phylogenetics and species invasion: deconstructing Darwin’s naturalization conundrum. PPT

2016     Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Contributed Poster: Habitat fragmentation causes selective extinction of soil microbes on land-bridge islands. Link

2016     华东师范大学2016年国际青年学者论坛生态与环境分论坛. 邀请报告:Community phylogenetics and species invasion in a 50-year old-field succession. Link

2016     中国科学院植物研究所北京生态学会第5期生态学前沿报告会. 邀请报告:“群落谱系结构与生物入侵”.  Link PPT

2016    中国科学院华南植物园、广东省植物生理学会. 邀请报告:Community phylogenetics and species invasion in a 50-year old-field succession.  Link

2015     Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Contributed Talk: Convergence or divergence: Taxonomic, phylogenetic, and functional beta diversity during a 50-year old-field succession. Link PPT

2013     Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Contributed Talk: Phylogenetic relatedness and invader colonization: An experimental approach of Darwin’s naturalization conundrum. Link PPT

2012     Third International Young Ecologist Forum, Kaifeng, Henan, China. Oral presentation: Phylogenetic relatedness and the effect of biodiversity on ecological invasion in experimental grassland.

2011     International Symposium for Biodiversity and Theoretical Ecology, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Oral presentation: Algal species richness enhancing the phytoremediation of cadmium pollution.

2010    The 6th International Conference on Environmental Geochemistry in Tropics-Urban Issues (GeoTrop 2010), Xiamen, Fujian, China. Oral presentation: Effects of species richness on cadmium removal efficiencies of algal microcosms.